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Continuous Clean Oven (Oven for Frit Glass)

This oven is designed for use with mass production systems. It uses a continuous conveyor which facilitates rapid heating, and it is characterized by high productivity with low running costs. A distinctive muffle design is adopted which keeps O2 concentrations low and cleanliness high inside the oven!


■Principal Applications

Frit seal baking (OLED), PI curing, other glass baking, etc.
■Unit Specifications

  1. Heating method: Radiation-type
  2. Heat source: Electric heater
  3. Maximum temperature: Max. 600°C
  4. Temperature precision: ΔT = ≤ 10°C
  5. Cleanliness class: Class100
  6. Atmosphere: Air or N2 gas (pure N2)
  7. Furnace interior O2 concentration: ≤ 50ppm (when using pure N2)

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