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High-precision Coating and Drying Equipment

HP Coater

HP Coater
The TABLE COATER® series standard model! Capable of not only thin coating but also thick coating in excess of 100μm wet, as well as thick overcoating applied via screen printing, spin coater and other means, all in the same usage session. Also, along with glass and plastic sheet substrates, this model can handle other film substrates such as PET! Accommodates both high and low viscosity coating.
Coating performance has been verified using a test unit installed inside a cleanroom (class100) at our laboratory.

■Principal Applications

  1. PI film for flexible displays
  2. Layer insulating film (PI)
  3. Photoresist for patterning
  4. Solder resist
  5. Overcoat
  6. Hard coat
  7. Partitions and dielectrics
  8. OCR
  9. Electrode material coating
  10. CNT…etc.

■Unit Specifications

  1. Maximum substrate size: 2,600mmW × 5,000mmL
  2. Coating thickness: ≥ 10μm wet (1μm – 1,000μm dry)
  3. Coating viscosity: 0.001 – 100Pa∙s (1 – 100,000cps)
  4. Coating speed: ≤ 200mm/sec
  5. Thickness precision: ≤ ±3%
  6. Cleanliness class: Class10

Compact model (for A4-sized substrates) also available for research and development applications.

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