Substrate/Film Coating and Drying Equipment

High-precision Coating and Drying Equipment

Low Viscosity Coater System (PR)

A system for thin, ultra-high precision photoresist and protective coating applications.
Equipped with state-of-the-art functionality, including vibration-prevention capabilities to prevent coating irregularities and unevenness.


■Principal Applications

Color filters, photoresist, transparent conductive film, micro-LEDs, FOPLP, TSP
■Unit Specifications

  1. Maximum substrate size: 2,600mmW x 5,000mmL
  2. Coating thickness: ≥ 1μm wet (0.05μm – 50μm dry)
  3. Coating viscosity: 0.001 – 50Pa∙s (1 – 50,000cps)
  4. Coating speed: ≤ 300mm/sec
  5. Thickness precision: ≤ ±3%
  6. Cleanliness class: Class10

Let us help you determine the optimal production line configuration, including drying equipment, tailored to your production volume and installation space needs.
Also, please contact us about any special substrate pretreatment needs you may have.
Charge conveyor → Coater → VCD (2-level) → HP (5-level) → CP (2-level) → Extraction conveyor

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