Substrate/Film Coating and Drying Equipment

High-precision Coating and Drying Equipment


Capable of performing thin film coating which surpasses that of the HP Coater. Achieves thinner, more accurate coating of glass and other sheet-type substrates. 
Thanks to a revolutionary nozzle washing method and unique control system, FLOLIA® is able to perform highly precise thin-film coating measured in submicron units. 
Additionally, substrate transfer and positioning mechanisms are incorporated which can support system automation. 
Coating performance has been verified using a test unit installed inside a cleanroom (class100) at our laboratory.

■Principal Applications

  1. Photoresist
  2. Color filters
  3. Overcoating
  4. Hard coating
  5. Organic semiconductor layers
  6. Solar cell-related
  7. AR, LR, AG films
  8. CNT, Pedot and other transparent conductive films
  9. Barrier films…etc.

■Unit Specifications

  1. Maximum substrate size: 2,600mmW × 5,000mmL
  2. Coating thickness: ≥ 1 μm wet (0.05μm – 50μm dry)
  3. Coating viscosity: 0.001 – 50 Pa∙s (1 – 50,000cps)
  4. Coating speed: ≤ 300mm/sec
  5. Thickness precision: ≤ ±3%
  6. Cleanliness class: Class10

Substrate floating conveyance-type coater capable of handling liquid crystal open cells and other ultra-thin substrates is also available.
G6 Pedot Coater (floating conveyance-type)

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