Environmental Equipment

Environmental Equipment

Air Pollution Control System, Kiln and Environmental Equipment

◼︎Our technology R&D is creating a new society based on coexistence with the environment.

Society and individuals benefit from industrial advances born of technological innovation. However, such progress can also damage the Earth’s ecosystem through pollution of the water, air and soil. While enjoying the convenience of industrialization, we must restore the damage it has caused to nature. At Chugai Ro, preservation and regeneration of the global environment is a key theme in our technology R&D work. Capitalizing on a wealth of experience in a broad range of technologies has allowed us to develop a variety of green technologies, including more environmentally-beneficial waste treatment technology, recycling technology for making optimum use of scarce resources, and air purification technology for removing odors and dioxin. We continue to do our utmost to facilitate the creation of a sustainable society that will ensure a prosperous future in which humanity lives in harmony with a pristine planet.


It is one of core companies of Chugai Ro Group and deals with problems concerning the environment, such as waste treatment, recycling, and air clarification, with combustion technology and various kinds of technological know-how which have been accumulated in the Combustion System Division and the Environmental Preservation Division of Chugai Ro.

Kiln and Environmental Equipment

Fluidized Bed Type
Incineration System
Multi-Retort Rotary
Kiln Carbonized

Air Pollution Control System

Thermal Oxidizer
Single-tower, Multi-
room Regenerative
Thermal Oxidizer
Thermal Oxidizer
Waste Gas
Condensing and
Oxidizing System

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