Substrate/Film Coating and Drying Equipment

Heat Treatment Equipment

Batch Type Clean Oven (for Packaging)

A clean oven designed for semiconductors and electronic components!
Incorporates our newly developed, proprietary special heat-resistant filter, giving it a cleanliness class equivalent to that of an IR oven (class10).
Provides outstanding energy efficiency and high productivity thanks to a hot air circulation-type system. No condensate or sublimate adheres to the inside of the oven, and maintenance is simple and easy!
Can also be combined with EFEM as part of a larger system.


■Principal Applications

FOPLP (RDL) PI curing, etc.
■Unit Specifications

  1. Panel size: 500mm × 500mm, 600mm × 600mm
  2. Heating method: Convection-type (heated air circulation-type)
  3. Maximum temperature: Max. 350°C
  4. Temperature precision: ΔT= ≤ 3°C
  5. Heat-up/cool-down rate: Up rate = 7°C/min Down rate = -7°C/min (Ave.)
  6. Cleanliness class: Class10
  7. Atmosphere: Air or N2 gas (pure N2)
  8. Furnace interior O2 concentration: ≤ 10ppm (when using pure N2)

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