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Adhesive Coating System (OCR)

A system which utilizes an optical adhesive to fully bond the display panel protective surface with the display module.
Chugai Ro’s many years of experience and achievements with high-viscosity coating are put to use in accommodating a broad range of optical adhesive viscosities, as well as thin coating applications, producing bubble-free results with highly precise alignment.


■Principal Applications

Bonding OLED, LCD, PDP and other types of FPD cover panels, touch screen panel sensors and 3D cover lenses with display modules
■Unit Specifications

  1. Coating speed: 5 – 100mm/sec
  2. Adhesive viscosity: 30 – 100,000cps
  3. Machine speed: 5 – 600mm/sec
  4. Thickness: 50 – 400μm wet
  5. Maximum coating width: 2,600mm
  6. Coating precision: ≤ ±5%


  1. Gap precision: ±10μ
  2. Alightment precision: ±3μ


Post-adhesion Thickness Data

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