Parts and Materials Heat Treatment Furnace

Heat Treatment Furnaces for Automobile Machine Parts

Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnaces

■Roller Hearth Type Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnaces

This unit handles multiple-variety large-quantity manufacturing, and features the latest in Chugai Ro’s roller hearth technology. Its many advanced features include the integration of the burn-off furnace and carburizing furnace through our hot vestibule design, zoning with intermediate doors, isolation of the holding zone, and adoption of a transfer type quench tank.
All these features combine to form a high quality, highly productive unit with greatly improved energy efficiency.

■Tray Pusher Type Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnaces

This compact piece of equipment, which includes improvements to the popular pusher type continuous furnace, is ideal for small-variety large-quantity manufacture. By using intermediate doors to separate the furnace into three chambers (the burn-off/heating chamber, carburizing/diffusion chamber, and holding chamber), this energy-efficient furnace reduces energy consumption by 36% when compared to conventional types.

Low Distorted-ized Hardening System

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