Burner and Combustion Control Equipment

Control Equipment & Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary Equipment

Model 2HTB-C2 turbo blower
With the high-performance silencer, this compact two-staged blower offers very quiet operation. The impeller is directly connected to the motor and thus no lubrication is required.
Completely adjusted dynamic balance offers no operating vibration.

Model PRT oil pressure regulator
Automatically adjusts the hydraulic pressure according to the tem-perature of combustion air from the oil burner, keeping the excess air ratio constant.

Model APR air pressure regulator
Regulates the combustion air pressure assuring a correct burner operation.

Model WF oil strainer
Switchable double oil filter.

Models CD oil strainers
Single type oil strain-er. It is recom-mended to use two strainers in parallel for equipment of continuous opera-tion and switch them over as required.

Model TOP oil pump
A compact, high-performance inner gearing type pump that has a tooth profile formed by the envelope based on the trochoid curve. Suitable for oil com-bustion application.

Model RH electrically heated oil heater
This is an oil heater for piping lines. A steam heated oil heater is also available.

Models RV and FRV oil relief valves
These relief valves are for setting oil pump oprating pressures.

Model BV and FBV butterfly valve

Model SG, 140SH and 400SH sight hole

Model R and RH regulating cock

Model APV port area variable valve
A port area linearly changeable control valve that allows alteration of CV value.

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