Burner and Combustion Control Equipment

Oxy Burner

Model CTB oxy-fuel burner

This is an oxy-fuel burner for electric arc furnaces that promotes arc dissolving, increases tapping rate, and reduces power unit, labor and time. Available in CTB-1 model and CTB-2 model that allows oxygen blast.
Also available are models OXB and OXF, oxy-fuel burners which can be fixed onto furnaces. A number of assisting firing systems for are furnaces incorporating this type of burners have been supplied and enjoying good reputation.

Fuel: various kinds of oil and gas, pulverized coal
Firing rate: 3140 to 16280kW
Amount of oxygen:600 to 1600m3hr(normal) (combustion)

200 to 1600m3hr(normal) (blast)
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Model STB troidal burner

This is an oxygen/fuel burner developed by Shell Research Ltd. Since the flame pattern draws a troidal curve, it is called the troidal burner.
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Model OXL oxy-line burner

An oxygen/fuel burner having linear flames. Suitable for rapid heat-ing of the end surfaces of steel material.
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