Plant and Process Line for Steel/Nonferrous-metal


Nowadays, the whole industry is required to take measures to mitigate global warming. Reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, is the most important issue for industrial furnaces. Accordingly, we have drawn on our know-how of industrial furnaces which has been cultivated over the years, resulting in newly developed heat exchangers (recuperators). These allow fuel cost reduction and global warming prevention, through the effective use of waste heat generated from furnaces, to preheat combustion air and fuel gas.
The recuperators show excellent performance in reducing not only CO2 but also dioxins, and contribute to the prevention of air pollution. Since we provide in our lineup a variety of types, such as the plate type, radiation method cage type, shell & tube type, radiation method double cylinder type and channel type, suitable types will be found for the many equipment environments in industry.

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