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Chugai Ro Co., Ltd. pursues the development and integration of distinctive, core technology within three fundamental technologies in order to deliver the kind of innovative value suited to the increasingly diverse needs of society.

Fundamental Technologies Underlying Chugai Ro
Chugai Ro has been working within the three fundamental technologies of “Thermal Technology,” “Total Engineering” and “Advanced Technology” for many years to provide basic industries, like the steel and automotive industries, as well as the information and communications industries, with energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly products suited to the needs of society.
Chugai Ro combines production equipment offering customizable high temperature, high pressure, vacuum, atmospheric, etc., processing environments with thermal control and other processes to provide customers with the thermal technology that they require.
Chugai Ro provides production equipment tailored to the specific environmental requirements of each customer, along with production system designs that are not only robustly functional but also easy to use and energy-efficient, to deliver technology which is both customer-friendly and environmentally-friendly.
Chugai Ro incorporates cutting-edge technology into clean environments, like IT and electronics, as well as into systems requiring highly precise control, in order to develop new and distinctive technological applications suited to the increasingly diverse needs of customers.
Core Technologies Developed by Chugai Ro
For many years Chugai Ro has worked within fundamental technologies to develop and integrate creative, core technologies that provide society with the technological innovation it needs to build a prosperous future for both humanity and the earth.
Variety of solid, liquid or gas fuels are combined with oxygen and an ignition source to produce flames at will within an optimal temperature range and atmosphere.
Optimal temperature range and atmosphere are produced from an innovative combination of heater materials selection, shaping and arrangement.
Thermal manipulation via radiant, convective or heat conduction is used to change the temperature of a target object at will.
Pressure fields ranging from a vacuum to 9.9 MPa are created for the target materials processing method.
The temperature of a target object is raised or lowered at an appropriate speed and with uniform temperature distribution anywhere between below freezing and 3000˚C.
Atmospheric control for the target materials processing method is performed using air, exhaust gases or special gases (hydrogen, carburized gas, etc.).
Tailored equipment proposals and designs matching customer needs are developed, such as scaling up systems for mass production.
Wasted energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced through higher efficiency combustion, radiated heat reduction, exhaust heat recovery and other methods.
Simulations combining theory and experience are used to facilitate new product development and customization.
Clean processing environments are created which make it possible to keep the amount of foreign matter which target materials are exposed to at an exceptionally low level.
After-sales service and other maintenance-focused services are provided promptly and professionally by service centers nationwide in line with customers’ expectations.
Thin, precise coating of steel plates, substrates and films is performed using various coating solutions ranging from low viscosity to high viscosity.
Integration of design and manufacturing made possible by years of experience and proven results is applied to the production of high quality products within a short time frame.
Automation of material and product conveyance, process control, equipment monitoring and other functions is achieved, thereby saving labor and improving safety.